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Reviews that tell of amazement, relaxation, comfort and exclusivity.
  • Our stay was simply perfect for the whole family. We have three children and a dog, and the facility accommodated everyone impeccably. The children spent happy days in the villa's park, playing among the old trees and running free. The strategically placed benches allowed us to keep an eye on them while we parents could finally relax, enjoying the panoramic view and reading a good book. Our dog had his own space sheltered from the sun right next to the apartment, allowing us to comfortably manage his presence without any worries.
    Paul, reviewed by:
  • When we booked, we did not expect that we would find ourselves in an almost surreal setting. This historic villa, already evocative in itself, is surrounded by a garden with centuries-old trees framing a wonderful sea view, as if in a painting. It almost seems as if you are far from the world, in the open countryside, in a peaceful atmosphere, with the sounds of nature and the songs of birds... but the absurd thing is that all this is actually just a few metres from the sea, very close to the city centre! I recommend it to anyone looking for a romantic and relaxing retreat.
    Silvia, reviewed by:
  • What I liked most was that this villa is more than just accommodation. Entering my flat and finding authentic details dating back to the 1800s gave the holiday a special charm. At the same time, however, I appreciated the modern touch that was given. The spacious interior, contemporary furnishings and technological conveniences made me feel at ease, without sacrificing the magic of the historical era.
    Congratulations on having managed to create an excellent balance between past and present, it certainly wasn't an easy job!
    Giorgio, reviewed by:
Sea View
Comfort and Modernity
Lush private park
Atmosphere and Charm
Strategic location

What you will fall in love with

Here is what will make your stay at Villa Rappis special.
Immerse yourself in the charm of details that tell of bygone eras, in an atmosphere that enchants every moment.
Embraced by contemporary comfort, you will experience timeless elegance without foregoing the conveniences of modern homes.
You lose track of time in a green oasis, surrounded by ancient trees, with the sea as the perfect backdrop.
In a secluded location but a stone's throw from the sea and the centre, the ideal meeting point between tranquillity and comfort.
Our helpful staff will suggest authentic local experiences, revealing the true essence of our land.

Our Services

All the comforts that will make your stay easy and relaxing.
Wi-Fi connection in all indoor and outdoor areas of the villa, available free of charge.
Each flat has its own private parking space near the entrance
The flat is complete with bed linen and towels, provided free of charge
Pets are welcome, please advise us of their presence at the time of booking

Our apartments

Experience timeless beauty in carefully designed spaces: a haven of comfort and serenity.
Each flat offers a private outdoor area, giving you an oasis of relaxation all to yourself.

Spacious and cosy interiors create the perfect ambience to make you feel immediately at home.
Daydream and live your own enchanting experience.
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